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A discretionary 10% service charge is added

*Items marked as (gf) can be served gluten free on request. If you have any other allergies or dietary requirements, please mention them to a member of the team

– Specials / Events –

dArry’s Steak Night

Rump £9.95

Ribeye £11.45

Sirloin £14.95

Fillet £18.95

Tuna £18.95

Both come served with salad and either

hand cut chips or new potatoes.

Add a Sauce:

Béarnaise | Peppercorn | Blue Cheese | BBQ

£1.50 each

Add Some Sides:

Onion Rings | Seasonal Vegetables I Mushrooms & balsamic roasted tomatoes l

£3.50 each

Add Tempura Prawns £5

Not a fan of potato chips then switch them out for:-

Sweet potato £1.50



dArry’s Sunday Menu

Sharing Boards & Grazing Plates

Baked Camembert with honey, rustique bread & red onion chutney (gf,v). £11.95
Charcuterie board with marinated, smoked & cured. £12.95Bread & olives served with salty butter (v). £4.95 Caramelised Toulouse and chorizo sausages with ale, honey & mustard. £4.95 Sweet chilli tempura prawns. £7.95    Hoisin flatbread with duck, spring onions & cucumber. £8.95 Tortilla Nachos with tomato salsa, guacamole & sour cream (v). £4.95          Goats cheese flatbread with spinach & sundried tomatoes (v). £7.95 Stilton Arancini balls with stilton cream sauce  (v) £4.95    Sweet chilli glazed chicken wings with sesame (gf). £4.95     

Large Plates

d’Arry’s Sunday Carvery 

Choose from a selection of succulent meats, carved to order

to make the best sunday roast in town.

Help yourself to roast potatoes, today’s fresh veg selection, gravy & yorkshire puds.

Kids roasts also available.


Also serving up…..

d’Arry’s triple stacked Burger

Served with homemade chips, bacon mayo, red onion jam & a choice of either Cambridge Blue, Camembert or Applewood Cheddar. £14.95

Deep Fried Cod Fillet

With homemade chips, mushy peas, tartare sauce & lemon. £13.95

Butchers Veggie Pie (v)

Mixed seasonal English vegetables baked in a proper all over shortcrust pie & served with creamy caramelised leeks. £13.95

Chicken Caesar Salad

Served with anchovies, crispy parma ham & parmesan cheese. £10.95

Tuna Salad

Fruity couscous, rocket, tender tuna strips with a balsamic & pink peppercorn olive oil dressing. £11.95


Coming Soon

– Regular Menu –



Trio of chocolate
Royal Dome, Dacquoise biscuit, hazelnut crunch & chocolate mousse served with a chocolate macaron and Swiss chocolate ice-cream.

Lemon meringue tartlet
Sweet crust pastry, lemon cream & Swiss meringue served with fresh mixed berries and mango sorbet.

Double chocolate chip brownie
Served with salted caramel ice-cream and rich chocolate sauce.

d’Arry’s cheesecake
Vanilla cheesecake with a vanilla ice cream

Apple tart Tatin(allow 10 minutes)
Served with thyme infused ice-cream.

Selection of ice-creams & sorbets
Please ask your waiter about the flavours and pick three.

d’Arry’s cheeseboard
Selection of cheeses, homemade red onion chutney, celery sticks, grapes and crackers

Baked Camembert

with honey, rustique bread & red onion chutney(gf,v)                         £11.95


Bread & Mixed Olives

served with salty butter (gf,v)                                                                                £4.95


d’Arry’s Charcuterie Board

a medley of marinated, smoked & cured meats (gf)                            £12.95


Duck Flatbread

with hoisin sauce, spring onions and cucumber                                     £8.95


Goats Cheese Flatbread

with spinach and sundried tomatoes (v)                                                  £8.95

Cajun Calamari                     

Crispy & spiced with garlic mayo                                                              £6.95

Steamed Mussels

In a white wine & cream sauce with shallots, garlic, fresh parsley(gf)  £6.95


Caramelised Sausages

Toulouse and Chorizo with ale, honey and mustard                               £4.95 

Tempura Prawns             

With sticky sweet chilli sauce                                                                    £7.95


Crispy Duck Bon Bons

with Hoi Sin Asian noodles                                                                        £7.95


Sweet Chilli Glazed Chicken Wings

with sesame seeds (gf)                                                                              £4.95

Stilton Arancini balls

With a creamy stilton sauce (v)                                                                 £4.95


Padron Peppers

Pan flashed with sea salt(v)                                                                      £4.95


Tortilla nachos

with tomato salsa, guacamole and sour cream (v)                                 £4.95

add chicken/beef/duck for an extra        £2.00

We are privileged and delighted to offer 28 day aged Red Poll beef steaks from Midsummer Common, just around the corner! The farmers of these “common” reared cattle have exclusively chosen to sell their beef to d’Arry’s and we feel both proud and honoured. Their beef is marbled, flavoursome and wonderfully delicious. It may be a bit more expensive but fortunately it’s so worth it! When theses steaks are gone they are gone! This beef is rare and we humbly suggest so should your order be, except perhaps the Rib Eye which likes a little more heat.

Fillet 180g
Sliced from the ‘Tenderloin’, a filet is the most succulent and tender cut available.
With a buttery texture, subtle flavour and compact shape, the filet is a perfect cut for sauces and toppings.

Rib Eye 200-220g
This is a centre cut rib steak minus the bone. This juicy cut is similar to the tenderloin but offers up a little more texture and a lot more steak flavour.£29.00

Sirloin Strip 160-170g
Cut from the tender short loin, a sirloin is less marbled than a ribeye, but with a thick band of fat around the edge for added flavour and juiciness.£26.95

Rump Steak 250-270g
Considered to have more flavour than other cuts, this is tender, good everyday steak taken from the lower back of the animal. Usually quite large.£19.95